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Vegan Low Carb Almost-Instant Mug Brownie

Sometimes you need a sweet treat right now, without a lot of prep or waiting, and you don’t want to share. Whether you’re keto or just watching your carbs, or you’re diabetic and don’t want to throw your sugars off, or if you’re avoiding gluten or animal products, this recipe is for you!

rows and rows of cupcakes with vanilla buttercream swirls

American Meringue Buttercream (vegan)

The easiest meringue buttercream that has ever existed. For those who want a delicious, silky buttercream that isn’t too sweet – without doing a lot of work.

21 Amazing Vegan Chickpea Recipes

A list of some of the internet’s best vegan recipes whose stars are the beans – so you can finally reclaim your fridge and freezer back from your garbanzo overlords!