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My name is Meggan, and I’m the person behind Cooking on Caffeine.

This page started as a place for me to post recipes I had made from around the web, but has morphed into something else entirely as my health and the health of my two daughters became a focus. We were confronted with a myriad of food allergies and autoimmune issues, so our diets had to change dramatically. No food seemed safe anymore – they all contained things that would make us sick if we ate them: wheat, eggs, milk, peanuts, bananas, processed oils, artificial dyes, and more. It seemed impossible to find things that were ok to eat, and we lost just about everything we were accustomed to having.

And it’s not just me and my family; millions of families around the world experience the same thing – and sometimes to a greater degree than we do. They’ve also had to say goodbye to the foods that they know and love, and have run to for comfort, and have gathered with friends and family over for years. They have an empty space where those foods used to be, and it’s heartbreaking.

That’s when my blog changed. That’s when I decided that I wanted to bring food back for me and my family – and for families all across the world. Here on Cooking on Caffeine, I’m transforming traditional recipes into vegan and allergy-friendly recipes, as well as creating brand new ones so that not only can people with dietary restrictions enjoy them, but that they can be enjoyed together with those who don’t have any restrictions themselves.

So if you or your child have dietary limitations and want to bring an old favourite back into your life that you’ve lost, take a look around – and if something is missing, don’t hesitate to send me a message! I want to make sure your plate and your food life are as full as possible.

Thanks for visiting and for being a part of the Cooking on Caffeine family.

May you and your coffee both be strong,


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  1. So I tried your vegan brownies with a box mix and something went terribly wrong. I followed the recipe and used the flax seed replacement and lowered the oil and upped the water but they’re just a big gooey mess. So sad!


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