Weeping Willow Cake Topper Tutorial

This weeping willow cake topper is one of my favourite projects to date. It took ages and it was labor intensive, but it was totally worth it in the end.

(EDIT: THIS POST IS SUDDENLY GETTING TONS OF TRAFFIC AFTER THREE YEARS OF NO ONE SEEING IT! If you don’t mind, could you comment below and let me know where you found it? And thanks to the person who shared it! <3)

I’ll add more bits of the tutorial as I get them ready, but here is how I did the hanging branches:

What you will need:

prepared tree trunk and main branches (I used modeling chocolate around a dowel, a boba straw, and cake wires)

Isomalt, melted according to package instructions  (I use CK Products Isomalt Crystals)

shredded coconut, colored if desired

kitchen string

a rimmed cookie sheet with a silicone mat laid on it


PLEASE NOTE: melted isomalt is EXTREMELY hot and can burn you! Please use caution when working with it. Gloves, glasses, long pants and sleeves, as well as closed-toes shoes are recommended.

Video Tutorial:

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