Hollow vs Full Macarons

So many times, seeing people post their macaron-making results, they comment on how they look good and have good feet and smooth tops and are perfect circles and are perfect.. EXCEPT THEYRE HOLLOW.

They weep, they cry, they beg for advice: “How do I get full macs?! How do I make them perfect?? I just want to get rid of the cursed hollows!”

This breaks my heart.

For those worried about their macarons being hollow:

Even the finest macaron bakeries in the world have hollow macs. 99% of the 1% of macs that come out of the oven full do so because of additives like starches or gums, anyway. Not that that’s bad (my macs have tapioca starch in the sugar and I’ve used xanthan gum on stormy days), but you shouldn’t be striving for that because it’s a mystical unicorn.

Sure there are varying techniques in making the meringue or temp spikes and drops, or triple sifting and baking your almond flour, or pulsing it all in a food processor, but honestly? It doesn’t really matter. I promise. And there’s a reason.

If yours are hollow when they come out of the oven? Ain’t no thang. Fill em and pop em in the fridge to mature (this is a vital part of the macaron making process). They get better and better every day for about a week as the filling becomes one with the cookie.

Here’s a look at one of mine opened on the same day vs one of my yellows from three days ago that I just took a bite of; it has filled in considerably and is the yummiest I’ve tasted so far:

So stop crying over your “otherwise perfect” macs that have hollows. Heck, even if they came out lopsided, celebrate that at least one side has a foot! Maybe they don’t have feet, but you made circles? Celebrate that! Maybe they look like amoebas but they taste amaaaazing? CELEBRATE IT! If you’re not celebrating your small victories, maybe that’s whats keeping you from making progress. 😉

Then one day when your macs come out full, look back and celebrate the journey you’ve been on to get there (and teach me how you did it).

May you and your coffee both be strong,


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4 thoughts on “Hollow vs Full Macarons”

  1. Hi Meggan, it has given so much of relief & more over is confidence to make better & better Vegan Macarons ( with Italian meringue)
    Thank you very much
    Jack Chalke
    ( Melbourne)

  2. Thank you a million times! What a comforting reading.
    I failed so many times and cried too. Still struggling to get the foot.
    Lots of hugs.


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