Aquafaba in Baking: 8 Amazing Pastry and Dessert Recipes

Aquafaba in baking is a miracle of the vegan world. Replacing eggs has never been easier! Try magical bean water today!

All it takes is to crack open a can of your favorite legumes (or cook your own). Drain off the brine and use it instead of eggs in plenty of recipes. From cookies to bread to icing and more – you’ll be amazed at what aquafaba can do for your baking.

I’ve gathered a list of my own aquafaba recipes as well as a couple favorites from my friends 86eats and Gretchen’s Vegan Bakery. Let me know what you make and how you liked it!

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  1. The recipe looks amazing. I am going to try it for my husband s birthday. I m wondering if I could cut the recipe in half to make one 8 inch pan only. And if I could use regular 2% milk (yes, it makes it non-vegan) since that s all I have. Could I substitute the milk 1:1 ratio?


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